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Virgin Hair Extensions


Like most great ideas, The Bundle Box Shop started when I was in the shower washing my hair.

I thought to myself, why am I spending $300 a month on hair weave? I had been purchasing my weave from local beauty supply stores, and some online boutiques and realized I was getting crappy hair; very expensive crappy hair. So, I decided to do something about it. I spent months searching for the best hair I could find. I sent the hair to my friends and stylist and had them put the hair to the test. We tested the hair rigorously until we found the highest quality, longest lasting hair.

But we didn’t stop there…
I thought to myself, how can we make the hair buying process more simplified? I found myself jumping from store to store, brand to brand in search of the best hair, and it always cost me time and money. How could I make hair buying easier, I asked? We can bundle it! With the highest quality hair at my disposal, I set out to bundle the hair in 3 distinctive styles: straight, wavy and curly. Each box comes with everything you need to have long, beautiful, lasting hair.

And just like that, the Bundle Box Shop was born!
For as low as $37/month, you can have luxurious lasting hair. No more wasting money on low quality hair that frizzes, tangles and goes bad after a month. No more dirty looks from your co-workers for having a bad hair day. Just great hair at a great value.